The History

Bio from the outset, biodynamics by passion, artisans by nature

Pievalta was founded in 2002 and its history is linked to that of Barone Pizzini, which chose Castelli di Jesi, recognising the great potential of the Verdicchio as one of the most important native vines of Italy.

Alessandro Fenino – Silvano Brescianini

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Barone Pizzini chooses castelli di jesi

Recognising the great potential of Verdicchio and with the aim of seeing it take its place among the great Italian wines, Barone Pizzini chooses Castelli di Jesi.

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Pievalta is founded

Barone Pizzini first bought 24 hectares in Maiolati Spontini and, after a few months, another 5.5 hectares on Monte Follonica at in San Paolo di Jesi.

The management of the project was assigned to Alessandro Fenino, an oenologist with a number of harvests at Barone Pizzini under his belt, working alongside the agronomist  Pierluigi Donna

Alessandro left Milan and, in a radical life choice, ended up in Maiolati Spontini, where he fell in love with this splendid territory  and its Verdicchio.

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After managing the vineyards from the outset under an organic regime, Alessandro came naturally to biodynamics.

The vineyards are worked with  green leguminous manure  between the rows and with  biodynamic preparations to encourage the formation of fertile humus, energise the growth of the plants and fully respect the territory.

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Pievalta becomes the first certified biodynamics winery in the Marche.

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Alessandro is joined by Silvia Loschi, his colleague at Barone Pizzini and now his life companion; she is responsible for hospitality, guided visits and relations in the territory.


a new vineyard

Pievalta buys a vineyard at Montecarotto, in the Busche district.



The vineyard is planted on Monte Follonica on the slope of Cupramontana.


busche ulivi

The Montecarotto vineyard is completed with the parcel “Busche Ulivi”.


A new vineyard

New “Fosso del Lupo” vineyard at Maiolati Spontini.