Bio from the outset, biodynamics by passion,

Bio from the outset, biodynamics by passion, artisans by nature

in the vineyard and the cellar since 2002

Pievalta lies in the heart of Castelli di Jesi. It covers a total area of 44.1 hectares of property, of which 30.4 hectares are vineyards cultivated with the biodynamic method. They make up the panorama of four of the 25 Castles:  Maiolati Spontini, Montecarotto, San Paolo di Jesi and Cupramontana. Different soils, different altitudes, different exposures.

Pioneers in the marche of biodynamic viticulture

Biodynamic viticulture

“Biodynamics focuses on the health of the soil and, as a consequence, that of the plants: the roots come into contact with the mineral part of the soil and they carry it to the bunches of grapes.” Alessandro Fenino

The choice

Alessandro & Silvia

Pievalta was founded in 2002 and its story is linked to that of Barone Pizzini, which chose Castelli di Jesi for its Verdicchio. The management of the project was assigned to Alessandro Fenino, an oenologist with a number of harvests at Barone Pizzini under his belt. In 2008, Alessandro was joined by Silvia Loschi, his colleague at Barone Pizzini and now his life companion. Silvia chose to share Alessandro’s dream of living in contact with nature. She is responsible for hospitality, guided visits and relations in the territory.

Visits and wine tastings

A journey from the vineyard to the glass

Our visits always start in the vineyard because it is from the land that everything begins.
We will take you on a walk among the vines grown with the biodynamic method, we will visit the cellar, where the grapes become wine, and finally, on the veranda, with a panoramic view of the vineyards, you will taste our wines, the expression of the soil on which you walked just a few minutes before.

Our wines

A story about the place of origin

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